"We must be fearless when communicating with different civilizations and cultures around the world and in exploring the accomplishments and developments in those communities." - His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, The Sultan of Oman ~

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The Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center Library features a special collection of Arabic and English language books, periodicals and photographic works on the history, literature, politics and religion of The Sultanate of Oman. The range of resources covers art and architecture, law, Islamic Law, Ibadi Islam, Qur’anic studies, histories of Oman and Zanzibar, Arabic literature in the form of short stories and poetry, literary criticism as well as materials on science, education and libraries.

The collection features many publications not found elsewhere in the United States and includes a wide range of Omani government publications.

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Textile Trades, Consumer Cultures, and the Material Worlds of the Indian Ocean: An Ocean of Cloth

Textile Trades, Consumer Cultures, and the Material Worlds of the Indian Ocean: An Ocean of Cloth is an edited volume focusing on various aspects of textile production and material exchange. The volume reviews the emergence of the textile industry in the Indian Ocean and Far East and delves in to how trading activity has encouraged the exchange of cloth materials between different countries in the Eastern hemisphere.

Additionally, the volume presents how this exchange has deeply and consistently influenced the production and consumption of textiles for millennia. The volume emphasizes the connections between textiles, economic and cultural exchanges, and trade routes. These connections are categorized into three main sections: I: Regions of Production, II: Trade, Exchange and Networks of Distribution, and III: Cultures of Consumption.
The volume's articles explores textiles as essential material for trade across the Indian Ocean. In "Converging Trades and New Technologies: The Emergence of Kanga Textiles on the Swahili Coast in the Late Nineteenth Century" by MacKenzie Ryan examines the history of this colorful East African garment by emphasizing how trade networks helped to satisfy consumer demands in the late nineteenth century. This article also demonstrates the impact of the imported materials and new printing technologies in designing new Kangas.
As a whole, this volume uses an interdisciplinary approach and includes valuable illustrations, tables, and figures concerning textile production, commerce, and consumption via trade routes across the Indian Ocean. It is an important contribution to understanding the historical and cultural connections spanning the world's third-largest oceanic division.

Edited by: Pedro Machado, Sarah Fee, Gwyn Campbell. Published by: Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, Switzerland, 2018.

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