Research Fellowship Program

In 2010, SQCC established its Research Fellowship Program, which aims to promote and cultivate scholarly research about Oman across several academic disciplines. The fellowship is open to PhD candidates and university academics who are US citizens or affiliated with an American university, and funds one scholar or team of scholars to carry out research in Oman each year. The fellowship awards up to $51,000 for the fellow or team of fellows.

Please note, in order for your references to upload their letters of recommendation they will need a application confirmation number. This number will not be generated and sent to the applicant until they have completed the application. All reference letters must be uploaded using the recommendation form

To read more about previous fellows and their research, visit this page

The Research Fellowship Program application is now closed and will reopen on 15 March, 2020.

All Research Fellowship applications must be completed by 15 September, 2020.

All references for the fellowship are due by 18 September, 2020. 

If left idle, the application will time out.

Please list the team leader on the form below and complete the "Team Form" section for all other team members below.

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Upload a proposed budget. Proposed budget may not exceed 20,000 Omani Riyals (approximately US $51,000). Budget may include the following costs: travel to and from Oman, residence in Oman, time for data consultation support and for project write-up, publication costs, and other expenses directly related to the project.
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